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Jun 25, 2014 01:28 PM

Augie's Montreal smoked meat is fabulous [Oakland]

My husband (a Montreal native) has long lamented that he cannot get smoked meat here in the Bay area. For Father's Day, I decided to see if there was any way to get him his favorite sandwich meat. Happily, I found Augie's Montreal Smoked Meat. Lex apparently operates a pop-up in Oakland; I'm about an hour away, so he shipped the smoked meat to me. One package was spicier than the other; my husband actually preferred the less spicy offering, but gobbled it all down in record time. (4 lbs. in about 4 days.) If you like Montreal smoked meat, do give this a try!

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  1. 5 days until the pop up returns Monday June 30th to beauty's bagel shop 3838 telegraph ave in Oakland. open at 11am

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    1. re: wolfe

      Beauty's is also on my list as Montreal bagels are another delicacy he misses. If only Oakland weren't an hour away.

      1. re: mocster

        Don't bother with Beauty's, they're really nothing special and I don't see what they have to do with Montreal.

    2. Thanks for the tip, mocster. I haven't enjoyed Montreal smoked meats in a long time.

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      1. re: escargot3

        I have to say, it did bring back fond memories. Now if only I could find a great Italian restaurant near San Jose! (I'm originally from Boston. I've had some great Italian food in SF, but haven't found anything particularly special down here.)

        1. re: mocster

          Have you tried Donato Enoteca in Redwood City? I haven't been there, but the same chef's second place, Desco in Oakland, is the real thing.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Never tried it. I'll give it a whirl. Thanks!

      2. Another Montreal native here and thoroughly disappointed with the smoked meat I recently ordered at Schwartz's on a return trip to the city. I'm looking forward to trying Augie's!

        1. I too think Augie's is fabulous. They were in doing their regular pop-up in Oakland at Beuty Bagels this Monday and at 1 pm the crowd was thin, the meat running low but with still enough for a sandwich or two.
          I got the 7 oz. size, coming on rye bread with a choice of yellow or deli mustard.
          The meat, sliced thinly, is abundantly juicy and falling apart tender with a good ratio of fatty bits to meaty parts. The spices are warm with hints of clove, allspice, and black pepper. A sweet maple syrup note really sets this apart from Pastrami and other smoked/cured meats. Add a few house-made pickle spears to the plate and you got one tasty hot sandwich. I can't compare this to the Canadian original, but am quite happy to have this occasional treat available here in Oakland.