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Jun 25, 2014 01:06 PM

Any suggestions for a Tribeca food crawl?

Used to live in Battery Park City, many moons ago, and often walked through Tribeca to get to Soho, back when Odeon was the biggest (and only) attraction there. Flash forward to 2014, and I've got reason to walk around Tribeca this coming Saturday, heading uptown from WTC site to the Village.

I have done great foodie walking tours of the LES, and of Chelsea, and the West Village. If we're walking through Tribeca, looking for great coffee, ice cream, croissants, donuts, bagels, bakeries or other worthy walkable foods, we'd love to hear it!

I know about Grand Daisy and Billy's Bakery--are they worth visiting?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. La Colombe or Kaffe 1668 for coffee
    Birdbath for baked goods
    Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish
    All Good Things Market - w/ Blue Marble Ice Cream, Blue Bottle coffee, etc.
    Goldman Alley - with Blue Smoke, Shake Shack, North End Grill, etc.
    Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place - Umami Burger, Black Seed Bagel, Mighty Quinn's, Dos Toros, etc.

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      Just read that All Good Things is closing after brunch service on Saturday.

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          In any case BB left AGT about a year ago.

    2. Billy's cake slices are significantly better than their cupcakes IMO, but very generous size if there are just two of you sharing....
      Not sure I'd prioritize grand daisy but when they have their pizza slices those are very good.

      I love nish nush, you could stop in for a falafel tasting (they have 3 kinds!) and pick up some of their amazing hummus for later.

      Kaffe 1668 makes a great cold brew coffee if you want a cold coffee.

      There's also Takahachi bakery, they have those super light souffle cheesecakes among other individual pastries

      1. Do you like Chinese sweets? The pumpkin rice dessert and red bean cakes at China Blue are delicious.

        1. Nish Nush -- not to be missed.
          Wonder whats going on wiith Khe-Yosk. Havent been back since they opened.

          We just finished a 2 day LES crawl

          1. I'll second: Nish Nush for falafel , hummus, and pea soup. also for the lemonade with mint leaves.
            Billy's is worth checking out for the cup cakes,especially the carrot. I've never had the cake slices.
            Laughing man, on Duane St., is a good tiny coffee spot ( no seats).
            Shinola/ Shine at 177 Franklin St. has good coffee and pastries as well as an interesting "made in Detroit" store in back.
            Pecan ( W. Bway) has good coffee, sandwiches, salads, etc WiFi.
            Sole Di Capri for good reasonable pasta.
            Second: Takahachi Bakery
            Second: Zuckers for bagels and smoked fish,,,
            Gran Daisy certainly worth visiting , especially for the potato pizza.
            Petit Abeille for Belgian waffles, or beer or mussels.
            There's a Pain a Cotedien on W.Bway for tartine.
            I don't know if Columbine is open on weekends but they have good soup.
            China Blue has Shanghai dim sum.
            Blue Smoke for Oysters or ribs.
            Tableau for Spanish tapas
            Telepan Local is open for lunch now, small dishes, very good grilled cheese, buffalo quail is good
            Greenwich St and Reade is a Farmer's market with really good rugalach, and other good stuff.
            Khe Yo for pork belly sandwich,,, used to have Khe Yosk, they now open inside.
            Terroir wine bar and small dishes