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Jun 25, 2014 12:29 PM

Do you order by glasses or bottles?

When you are eating out at a restaurant, do you tend to order wines by glasses or by bottles?
Between my husband and I, we can easily drink a bottle so we used to order a bottle...usually red in the winter and white/rose in the summer.
But recently, I've been ordering more glasses mixing both white and red depending on my food. It seems more interesting this way as I get to taste different wines and don't have to drink red while eating light seafood or white while eating a stew dish. I guess few negatives are, it's more expensive this way and there are limited selections of wine by glasses.
What do you guys do?

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  1. By the glass.
    For just the reasons you have stated.

    1. Monica, we *always* order wines to match our good, but . . . . it all depends upon the restaurant, the food we are having, and the wines offered by the glass *and* by the bottle . . . there's no easy answer -- at least for me and my wife.

      For example, when the BTG selection is boring or limited, well -- clearly -- we're ordering bottle(s). If we are having multiple courses with lots of different components/proteins, we're more likely to BTG, or perhaps order half-bottles (375ml). If we are doing a menu where we do not know what's coming next (e.g.: Commis in Oakland, or minibar in Washington DC), we are more likely to do the wine pairings. If we're having 3-4 courses (say, an appetizer, a small first course, the entrée course and -- perhaps -- dessert), I'm much more likely to get one bottle of wine . . .

      1. We are such lightweights that more than a glass or so is just too much.. so we order by the glass most often... and tend to look for restaurants with a nice by the glass program. But we are suckers for a nice wine pairing (which is almost always too much...).

        1. As I eat out mostly alone, I order by the glass; according to the food I order.

          When going out with GF, we still order by the glass because she is driving and I don't necessarily want to leave out some wine in the bottle.

          BUT when GF does not have to drive; we order by the glass and by the bottle; usually BTG for "drinks" (bubblies) and appetizers and bottles for mains; color and style according to food.

          1. too many variables ... I do whatever works on that day and in that restaurant. Their corkage policy would be a very large factor.