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Bonchon Korean Fried Chicken opening in Chinatown...

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Cafe Soho has been my go-to spot for Korean fried chicken for quite a while, but it would be great to have another convenient spot downtown. I've heard good things about Bonchon from friends in NYC and Northern VA.

Anyone have any experience with Bonchon?
The article said opening this fall anyone hear anything more firm for a date?

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  1. Really? Wow. Awesome.

    <Anyone have any experience with Bonchon?>

    Yeah. I have been to Bonchon and Boom Boom. I like both places.

    Bonchon is big. It is actually a South Korean franchise. In other words, you can bet its fried chicken represent what you would really get in Korea.

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      I have been to Bon Chon in NYC. Best $10 lunch in Manhattan (slightly more if you take advantage of the full bar!)

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        <Best $10 lunch in Manhattan>

        You mean everything else costs a lot in Manhattan?

        I walked by Chinatown and saw the sign (not my photo):


        I don't know how *soon* it will open though. Looking forward to have some Korean fried chicken in Philly.

        Edited: Just saw this photo:


        If this is the location -- next to General Restaurant Supply, then it may be quick. This area is all cleanup now, and the boards have been removed. I thought they were going to put a bank or something with a lot of large glass windows.

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          Lunch at "21" can get a little pricey. Of course, there's always the two plain slab and coke deal. Bon Chon is kind of a bargain.