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Jun 25, 2014 11:37 AM

Has anyone heard of epic bites kosher popup restaurant in Bay Area?

My wife and I are going on vacation to San Francisco this summer, and one of our foodie friends just told us about this caterer/ restaurant? called Epic Bites. Apparently they do really high end popup restaurants in New York and San Francisco....can anyone tell me about them. Their website doesn't say anything about popups or if they have a kosher restaurant. Has anyone used them or eaten their food. Their facebook page looks really good, but anyone can make fancy food look good.

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  1. Check out the "rich foodies" thread - I found the article there when I googled "Epic Bites" - that should answer your question!:)

    1. Epic Bites is a kosher caterer that also does some popups and delivery/pickup for Shabbos. I believe they're based in Oakland. Food of theirs I've had is very good. They say that for deliveries to SF there's a $50 minimum and to "take care of the driver" - not sure if that means tip, or pay for time/gas/bridge tolls etc.

      Here's their menu for this Shabbos:

      Shabbos Menu for July 18th:

      Bone In Southern Fried Chicken Thigh- 12 a lb
      Sesame Chicken- 16 a lb
      Grilled Boneless Chicken Thigh Marinated with Lemon and Herbs- 16 a lb
      Brown Sugar and Chili Rubbed London Broil (Pastured, organic Flat Iron)- 29 a lb Sliced Thin
      Lemon and Herbed chicken Schnitzel- 16 a lb
      Potato Kugel With Smoked Onion- 30$
      Duck Bacon and Potato Knish-3/-

      Small Duck Fat and Almond Tea Cake- 6.50
      Small Really Good Cornbread-5.00
      A single Dark Belgium Chocolate Brownie-2.50

      Quinoa with duck Confit, Cherries, Pistachios, and Fresh Herbs- 16 a lb
      Old Bay Seasoned Cole Slaw with Shaved Jalapeno and Fennel- 6.50 a lb
      Pasta Pesto with Sundried Tomatoes- 8 a lb
      Heirloom Isreali Salad w/ Mint and Lemon Zest - 8.00 a lb
      Watermelon Tomato, Fennel, Basil, Green Olive- 11 a lb
      Heirloom Squash with Basil Pesto, Pine Nuts, and Cured Lemon- 12 a lb
      Roasted wild and cultivated mushrooms w shallot and herbs- 12 a lb

      Artisan Grocery:
      Joburg Dried Veal and Beef Salami- 20$
      Beechers Kosher Flagship Cheese 20$ a lb (15 month aged cheddar, not cholov yisroel)
      Hand Sliced Whiskey Cured Salmon Gravlax-24 a lb (Meat equipment)