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Anything decent in the Paris Hotel?

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I've got a small food credit per day, any of the casual and/or breakfast places decent?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Been a while, but we enjoyed the creperie. And the Bloody Mary at Mon Ami Gabi was pretty wonderful (don't know that your food credit will cover that though). :)

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      Thanks and yes it's food and beverage

    2. Mon Ami Gabi was a moderate-priced fave before moving out here....and still a go-to place for great service and comfort food after settling in LV....tables that overlook the fountains of the Bellagio either inside or out are first-come, first-served...and can be a fun addition to the people-watching that eating on the Strip can give you.

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        Second Mon Ami Gabi. Right price points for the type of food they serve. Great salads.

        1. Mon Ami is a Lettuce Entertain You chain from Chicago but is really good. Ask for table in the room facing LV Blvd or the patio (if not too hot) for a nice view of strip. Also the Tower Restaurant (also Lettuce Entertain You) is a world class French cusine buy $$$$

          1. I was pleasantly surprised by the creperie in the Paris on my last visit. It's just a take-out window sort of place, but their savory selections were quite tasty (can't speak to the sweet as I didn't try).
            As already stated, Mon Ami Gabi is another option. Last time I was there I recall enjoying the goat cheese appetizer and steak frites.

            1. Thanks for all the replies but my party has rebooked to Ceaser's. You suggestions were most appreciated and hopefully someone will find them helpful.

              Thanks again