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Jun 25, 2014 09:10 AM

New Steakhouse in Burlington, The Bancroft...

Wondering if anyone has tried the newest Webber Group adventure in Burlington. Would love to hear all about it.

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  1. Honestly? Why?

    I was going to respond with a snarky retort but really i want to know what could possibly be interesting about one more steak house?

    I guess i just dont get it. I would rather eat at one of those "New Cookie-Cutter American Pub Food Slider" joints than suffer through any more corporate steak.

    Maybe im just wrong.

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    1. re: hyde

      Since it is from the Gibbet Hill Grill people, you may well be wrong. They have the advantage of using the harvest of their Groton farm, and also raise cattle there. As of this week, they are also open for lunch. I hope to get there soon.

      1. re: greygarious

        If there is a committed dedication to local, I will be happy to be wrong.

        Will follow.

    2. We went, it's great. This is a very nice restaurant with great service. They have great steak and get a really nice tasty char on it. The difference is the emphasis they place on everything else. It's not just a steakhouse. If you look at the menu there's a lot of other great sounding dishes on the menu (which I haven't tried yet, but hope to eventually). The house rolls are terrific, made in house by the pastry chef, they don't even need butter. Dessert was great as well. They put a lot of effort into their cocktail program as well, hiring a beverage director and coming up with a menu for the restaurant. The drinks were great, especially the bancroft exclusive 'hub punch'. This is made for them by Ipswich Rum maker Privateer Rum.

      They are definitely using some local stuff here as I saw them receiving a fish delivery from Ipswich Shellfish truck Saturday morning. I think they source a lot of their stuff from Gibbet Hill Farm if I recall correctly.

      The executive chef is Mario Capone (formerly of Scampo and Towne). I think it's worth checking out once.