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Jun 25, 2014 08:34 AM

Almond Kringle at Trader Joes

I picked up an Almond Kringle from O&H Danish Bakery at the Trader Joe's on Masonic in San Francisco. I think I got the last one. They got a shipment of them just before the holidays too, but after that they were gone. Wondering if anyone knows if TJ's will be carrying them regularly or if this is another one time deal?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Thanks. Just for clarification on my original post, I actually was able to pick up the kringle on Monday (6/23). But maybe that shipment was just a one-off.

      While I would like them to be a regular item, it's probably better for my waist line if they are a once a year treat!

      1. re: sheriff

        There was 3 of them at the store on Bay Street tonight.

        1. re: gnomatic

          Soma store was out of them at 12:30 pm Thursday, but there was a sign, so they're stocking them.

    2. I love that almond kringle! The plastic-free packaging is nice, too.

        1. They were giving samples of it at the California and Hyde Streets location today, but they had just sold out. A couple of workers told me a guy came in and bought the last of them (an armful) just before I got there. Another worker told me that one of those wire stands that they place near the end caps was full of them just this morning. They said they didn't know when they would get more in, but to check back tomorrow.

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          1. re: rebeccakinney

            Good intel. Thanks. They're pretty tasty, but not tasty enough to spend $18.99 + $9 shipping. That's why I like them from Trader Joe's at $6.99. I mean you could buy like 2 or maybe even 3 kouign amann's from B Patisserie for that price...

            1. re: sheriff

              I got 2 at the Cal & Hyde location this morning. As of 10 am, there were ~10 left. Multiple workers told me a few different things:
              They will set some aside if you call;
              It's best to come early;
              They are trying to make it a regular thing;
              The bakery doesn't (yet) have the capacity.

          2. Kringle is here again at TJ's