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Jun 25, 2014 07:19 AM

Eating in Charlottetown

We've been here before, but the thread is a few years' old. Will be in Charlottetown on Canada Day and would like a recommendation for dinner.Prefer seafood. Is Flex Mussels still in business, and is it any good? There was also a place called Lot something or other.

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  1. Flex Mussels is long gone …
    That's Lot 30 and it's still a fine dining destination.
    Other spots worth checking out:
    1. Terre Rouge Bistro Marche
    2. Sims for steaks
    3. Water-Prince Corner shop is a popular local diner
    Enjoy yourself on PEI!

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    1. re: PeiGuy1

      Those steaks at Sims are expensive …
      but their burger won the annual Island Burgerfest this Spring!

    2. Thanks PEIGuy1. I'll try them all.

      1. For others visiting Charlottetown this summer Terre Rouge is excellent.

        Even the cured meats are homemade.

        Le voila!