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Macaroni Salad is oily, how can I fix it?

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Hi to all,

I made macaroni salad yesterday (I tried to do this from memory as a little girl from watching my grandmother make the salad from scratch every Thanksgiving) After adding the mayo, I noticed that the salad was still quite dry. The mayo seemed to coat the pasta well but I could not figure out why it did not have that loose fine coating that the store bought salad had. It tasted ok, so I put it in the fridge. This morning when I went to check on it. It looked like all the mayo had disappeared and now the macaroni looks oily and yellow almost as if the mixture had broke. (I waited for the pasta to cool for 3 hours in the fridge, so I know it was not that) I went online to see if I missed an ingredient and so it is, I forgot to add milk. But the strangest thing is that the Hellman's site recipe for macaroni salad does not use milk but other recipes elsewhere do. I am confused.

Is it too late for me to add the milk in now or do I have to toss the whole thing out?

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    I have had this happen with mayo-based macaroni salads -- my feeling is that it might happen if the pasta not cooked thoroughly (al dente is not for macaroni salads) and absorbs moisture from the mayo. I'm not *certain* this is the explanation, but it has always been my thought.

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    Not too late; just don't go overboard with the milk. Add and stir - the salad will be fine.