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Pars Restaurant is coming back to Farmington Hills, MI

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Adapted from another thread I posted in:

I was driving to my brother and SIL's house today which took me down Orchard Lake Road in Farmington Hills between 13 and 14 Mile Roads. You know that restaurant property on the west side of the road at 30005 Orchard Lake that's housed several different (read: all failures) restaurant concepts over the last decade or so? Well, it's soon to be the new incarnation of Pars Restaurant, according to the signage out front!

Having never been to Pars myself, I'm kind of intrigued by what you folks have said about it. Now I'll finally have a reason to patronize that establishment. What dish(es) would you recommend once they open?

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  1. This is awesome Pars was the ONLY Persian restaurant without going to Chicago or Toronto I am very excited. Thanks for the good news.

    1. If I am not mistaken isn't this their original location as before it became Ram's Horn when they closed?

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      1. re: Foog

        Pars used to be on the NY corner of 12 & Orchard Lake.

        1. re: rainsux

          When? When I went there is was in the spot Ram's Horn was for 2 yearish you can still see on their FB page the same address as Ram's Horn

          1. re: Foog

            You're correct that the location in question used to be Pars before...and apparently, it will be again.

            1. re: boagman

              Cool I just wanted to be looking in the right place. I've traveled far and wide for Persian food and I was happy to have a local spot to get it. Can't wait.

              Does anyone have an idea of the timeframe

      2. Awesome!!!! Another CH get together may be in order. Plus I still owe Rainsux for overpaying at the last one.
        Mmmmmm, Persian fesenjan (duck would be nice), and ghormeh sabzi with lamb.

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        1. re: VTB

          Ghormeh Sabzi, Tahdig, kabob barg, yum yum yum

          1. re: Foog

            BTW, Pars is targeting to open on 21-July. Less than two weeks :-).

            1. re: VTB

              &^$(&$()&$%) I will be enjoying Persian where I first enjoyed it at Darya in Orange, California by then. Going to be on Vaca. I'll hit Pars when I get back I guess.