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Jun 24, 2014 08:25 PM

Winnipeg this weekend?

The wife and I are going north of the border (live in Minot, ND) this weekend and are looking for any suggestions for dinner on Saturday and maybe a bar with good cocktails if anyone knows of any. She doesn't do spice so most curry and hispanic food is out, but we like almost everything else.

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  1. You don't specify what kind of food you're looking for, but I'd suggest Segovia for dinner but you'd have to go within an hour of opening to get a table right away. Otherwise expect waits of 30-60 minutes as no reservations are taken. Enoteca just opened but knowing who the chef is, I'd imagine the food is already quite good. I used to recommend Deseo but now that the chef is at Enoteca, I don't know about the food. Peasant Cookery is reliable albeit unexciting food.

    Winnipeg doesn't do cocktails well unless you are interested in overwrought concoctions that appeal to people who drink red bull and who think the more varieties of alcohol in a cocktail the better. That being said, some restaurants do cocktails well, but they are a very small section of the menu and you can't really just sit at the bar and enjoy a couple. You have to have a meal. Segovia is one of those restaurants.