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Jun 24, 2014 06:45 PM

NYTimes: Mark Bittman rethinks the word 'Foodie'

«At a dinner party the other night where people were asked to say a word about themselves, one woman said, “My name is” — whatever it was — “and I’m a foodie.” I cringed.

I’m not proud of that visceral reaction; in fact, I think it’s wrong. But I do wish there were a stronger, less demeaning-sounding word than “foodie” for someone who cares about good food, but as seems so often the case, there is not. Witness the near-meaningless-ness of “natural” and “vegetarian” and the inadequacy of “organic” and “vegan.” But proposing new words is a fool’s game; rather, let’s try to make the word “foodie” a tad more meaningful.»

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  1. I recently started a thread where I praised Bittman

    But I think this is one of his worst ever. I'm glad he cringed because he SHOULD cringe... not about others, but rather about his own pretentiousness.

      1. re: linguafood

        I wish Mark Bittman would rethink his life.

        1. re: jpc8015

          I wish that chowhounds would stop thinking of the word "foodie" to ba a bad thing

          1. re: EWSflash

            It isn't reasonable to expect everyone to think the same way about this.

      2. I hate the word too but that's because we're all told to hate the word. I don't care what the word is, but Bittman has a point. We can make it more positive.

        When people ask me about my food philosophy--and they often do--I say I'm a real food advocate. The words, "organic," "sustainable" and "natural," as Bitty says, have become meaningless.

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        1. re: sandiasingh

          Nobody had to tell me to hate the word. If it ends in 'ie,' odds are it's cutesie pie and noxious, IMO.

        2. Gee, I've had no problem with the term "foodie." It seems a great alternative to me to "gourmet" which has a feeling of pretension attached to it for a long time.

          The original aim of Chowhound was a place on the web where people wrote about and appreciated good food--the best food--but not necessarily in high end French restaurants, but rather, in modest settings in addition to high end restaurants. Being a "Foodie," rather than a gourmet seemed kind of downscale and appropriate. I like the term "Foodie."

          1. I think of my food habits as being a "conscious eater", I know it does not sound trendy or smack of an elitist air, but I do seek out small farmers whom are passionate about what they naturally grow/humanely raise. Foodie to me is just a term for "hobby eaters/food comsumers.