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Tourtiere in Boston?

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Because I'm a big fan or meat pies, handheld or fork eaten, I'm always on the lookout for them in their various guises. Fortunately for New England, a lot of French Canadians came down for work in the 19th c., and they brought with them their own culinary icon, Tourtiere, a meat pie seasoned with allspice. While Poutine has certainly had a renaissance down this way lately, Tourtiere is really hard to find. I think Manchester NH has the largest French Canadian contingent, so maybe tourtiere is readily found up there... Well, I finally did find a Boston area spot that sells it. A few months ago, CH treb raved a small market in Methuen called Thwaites. We did a Methuen crawl as a result and bought a number of the many different small savory pies made by Thwaites (about a 25 min. drive from intersection of Rt.93 and 128.) While we found most of the fillings too plain/ unseasoned for our taste, we brought home a large frozen tourtiere and tried it tonight. It is very simple and really good. The double crust has both butter and lard and the creamy filling seems to be ground beef mixed with allspice and mashed potato. Hearty and filling; serve it with a salad and you have your protein, starch and veggies; very satisfying!

Anyone seen tourtiere in Boston area proper?

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  1. Not in Boston proper, Cote's Market in Lowell is where we've always gotten our fix for tourtière.

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      would you decribe it plse? pork or beef, other vegs, flavor and texture? thx!

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        So sorry, I missed the boat on this post! Ground pork lightly spiced with cinnamon and clove I think. Maybe some potato for binder although you can't see it. Crosby's bakery in Nashua does one also. I like the filling in Cotes but the crust from Crosby's although I wouldn't refuse either one!!!

    2. Thwaites is a bit legendary and is quite the find, even for a Chowhounder. Nice one.