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Jun 24, 2014 05:53 PM

gooseberries and other fruits

Has anyone seen gooseberries, red and white currants or other less popular fruits in farmers markets or stores yet this year? Bonus points for cloudberries!

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  1. I've never seen cloudberries in this area; I always assumed it was too hot for them.

    At the Reston Farmers Market, one of the vendors (Reid's Orchard) has currants and gooseberries every year. However, as of last week, they weren't yet in season. They sell at a few markets in the area:

    Here is there list of what they grow and the season:

    1. I saw gooseberries and both currants at the Crystal City farmer's market yesterday, from Kuhn Orchards. They appear at many other markets in the area too:

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        yes, they posted this about gooseberries on their blog in july:

        from the current offerings listed on-site, however, it seems the gooseberry season has passed. still, though, this Pennsylvania-based producer looks promising for all sorts of lovely seasonal fruits and vegetables.

      2. Gooseberries are usually available in late June - early July...for one - two short weekends! Since they make the best tart pies, I have tried growing them but end up supplementing my meager harvest with the Kuhn's products at the Farmer's Market in Fairfax. You can get on the Kuhn's website for next year -- they'll let you know when to expect them.

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          I saw both colors of Muscadine grapes are at Shoppers in Franaconia.