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Jun 24, 2014 05:34 PM

Seemed like Old Times...

Ran late on a routine med appointment. Didn't want to cook.
Called hubby: ok if we drive to Chun Hing for supper tonight?
(We hadn't been there in ages)

Smart hubby said yes. Lovely drive. Not crowded. Decor is
getting even shabbier, but service friendly, and the food consistently wonderful. We ordered our old standbys: the pickled turnip/pork soup,
pan fried dumplings, but because they ran out of clams for the clams and black bean sauce I truly splurged on the lobster with ginger and
scallions, at a pricey $31.95. Worth it though--fabulous.
Hubby's sensible choice of beef and brocolli was excellent. Two happy campers.

Don't let the shabbiness fool you. The food is no slouch. Been going there for at least 40 years; same ownership.

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  1. Bash.. thanks for the great write up. Where is Chun Hing?

    1. We are never disappointed at Chun Hing, with the food or the service.

      1. It's off Monument Road, next to a Pathmark, quite close to a Target just off City Ave. Check it out in Philly white or yellow pages. Ample parking; shopping Center very downscale, empty store front next door: do not be dismayed by any of this. Not far from a City Reservoir.

        Phone number is 215-879-6270 for directions; we never make a rez; not necessary.

        1. Three or four years ago you mentioned a place that had great Lobster Catonese. I think it was this place. We went there once and I reported back to you. Thanks for this reminder. I really enjoyed the place but haven't been back because we just don't get around there much. but I appreciate the reminder and I think we will be going in the next few days. Probably will eat in. Thanks again.

          1. That';s the place, Faye. Last time I had it, I sort of remember a price like $27. A Bit of inflation there,
            but it's still worth it. Less work than whole Maine lobster, and more satisfying at the same time.

            One of my other faves here is the shrimp with watercress (or other veggie) Shing Tau style. Oh, fab--huge shrimp,
            and very tasty sauce. Their fried dumplings are better
            than anywhere in Chinatown, so I never order them anywhere else. And, I don't see that pickled turnip/pork/string bean soup anywhere else--love it.