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Jun 24, 2014 04:58 PM

Driving from San Francisco to Big Sur: where to stop for lunch?

Hi all,

Manhattan CHer here who will be driving from SF to Big Sur this August. It seems like our best (and prettiest) option is to stop for lunch in Carmel? But we're willing to go a bit out of our way for good food, too.

Slight preference for Mexican since we're East Coasters and don't get the good stuff all the time. We came across a place called The Whole Enchilada, any good?

But really open to anything; will even make multiple stops!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Have lunch at one of my fave places, Sierra Mar, at the Post Ranch Inn .
    Wonderful place in Big Sur, with fantastic food and killer views.
    Make reservations.

    1. My advice is do not stop for lunch along the way. It's a long haul to Big Sur and you want to have as much time among that beauty as possible. Deadhead down there and lunch among the redwoods.

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          1. Having just driven a large majority of that stretch in the last few days (albeit in the opposite direction), I'm inclined to agree with Melanie Wong in large part. OTOH, if you told us what else is on your itinerary (how long is your stay, what else are you doing, where else are you going), it'd help give your request some context. For instance, if it were me, I'd plan on stopping at a taco truck set up to cater to field workers somewhere en route (you'll go through a lot of ag areas), pick up a burrito or torta, and then find a scenic overlook along Highway 1 for an impromptu picnic. Unfortunately, it's sort of hard to *plan* for this kind of thing, because roach coaches tend not to have a strict schedule, so it'll be pretty spontaneous by nature.

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              Hi there,

              We'll be in Big Sur from Thursday night until Sunday morning (we're there for a wedding). Not totally sure what's on the agenda yet, but we're definitely staying in that area and not road tripping more than just the SF to Big Sur route.