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Jun 24, 2014 04:24 PM

Itinerary for 1 day Sonoma trip- please check! (and thanks for the initial suggestions!)

Alright, so after everyone's amazing input, I think I have a tentative schedule for my (mostly) Sonoma Trip:

Monday, July 7:
7am- pick up rental car; on the road by 7:30 out of SFO
8:45/9- Oxbow for lunch/snacks; and bouchon bakery to go (I know it's totally not in Sonoma and who knows, it could be over rated but Bouchon is one of those yummy touristy things I feel compelled to do and I don't know when I'm getting back so I just want to say I ate wonderful sweets and macarons theres lol); also considering just picking up boxed lunches from Yountville Deli (can call ahead of time which will make us just be able to pick it up and go);

10:00- leave for sonoma; enjoy the ride in the convertible (and probably eat our breakfast from the bakery on the way lol)
Then The wineries in this order (I think)

Iron Horse (I was initially considering Gloria Ferrer because it was closer to Yountville where we're starting, but then everything else I want to try is so much further up, so I heard this was a good alternative)
Lunch and walk around Armstrong Redwoods
Merry Edwards
(not sure if I should do Merry Edwards before DaVero; technically Merry Edwards is closer to Redwoods than DaVero but going to DaVero last brings us up North even further).

I’m also considering going to Armstrong Redwoods AFTER the 3 wineries (because well, wineries close by 5, and the Redwood forest does not lol), but think I think 3 wineries back-to-back might be rough (especially because I don’t think any of them really have food menus that we can eat from to “cushion” our tastings- do any of the places let you eat your own food if you do enough tastings or buy a bottle) or is there a place we could find in between two of the wineries?

Another plus about saving the Armstrong Park for last is that If we do Armstrong last, I figure it would prevent us from getting some of that 5-6pm rush hour traffic going south (because we would be there instead). Then around 6/6:30, we could head back down south towards SFO and do dinner either in Santa Rosa or Petuloma on the way (around 7/7:30ish). Any suggestions on a nice (moderate to moderately expensive) memorable dinner in either of those towns to close out this portion of our honeymoon?

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  1. Napa and Yountville are an hour out of the way, and until you get past the city of Napa a much uglier drive than 101. There are great bakeries a short detour off 101, e.g Ponsford's Place, Della Fattoria.

    Except for 101 through Santa Rosa, weekday rush hour backup is northbound, mostly people going home from SF.

    You're flying out that night?

    1. Have you fully mapped out what you are anticipating? Because here is what I get that will have you wanting to re-think things...

      Start in downtown San Francisco and on the road by 7:30 a.m.

      That will have you at Oxbow Market by 9:00 at the earliest, probably 9:30, if it is a weekday. Bouchon is NOT at Oxbow at all (Model Bakery is), so if you want to go to Bouchon, that is another 30 minute drive up-valley.

      So let's assume you get to Oxbow at 9:30. You will probably spend an hour or so there. It is now 10:30.

      You drive up to Bouchon and it is now 11:00. Give yourself a half-hour to lounge and consume. 11:30.

      Honestly, since you are here in Yountville, why not just taste some bubbly at nearby Chandon?

      At this point, the drive from Yountville to Guernville is about 90 minutes. That puts you in that 'hood way after lunchtime.

      See where I'm going here? I'm not going to continue because I think you are trying to cram way too much into locations that are too far apart; downtown Napa, Yountville, Guernville, and then Santa Rosa?!?! You will be spending more time driving than enjoying.

      Which wineries/eateries do you REALLY want to visit and plan your trip around those. You've got way too much for one day...

      1. Ugh yeah you guys are totally right (and not ugh to YOU lol, but ugh to the fact that I'm totally burnt out from the two other events I'm planning for work before I leave on top of trying to get our own honeymoon squared away in the next week..I'm absolutely shot and not thinking about logistics in the right way) ..*sigh* i think I need to sleep and go back to the drawing board tomorrow lol- thanks for the reality check :)