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Jun 24, 2014 03:56 PM

Chinese buffets - any good ones around these days?

We used to enjoy Wanderer's, but they were sold some time ago and the quality went downhill, IMO.

Would like to find a replacement; I like having a taste of several dishes, but many buffets are a bit lame.

Anyone know of a good one?

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  1. The only one I've been to in the last few years is Hunan Garden in downtown St. Paul. It wasn't bad, but not exceptional.

    1. I haven't been since they changed ownership, but Hibachi Buffet on Robert Street in West/South St. Paul offered a *wide* variety, most of which seemed to be executed at a higher level than your typical "Great Noun Buffet".

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        For what it is, Hibachi is one of the better ones.

      2. Great Moon Buffet in Maplewood has some tasty items amid the more common fare.

        1. My favorite is still 98 Pounds in Bloomington. IMO, Saturday night is best time to go as it seems to have the most variety. Went last Saturday night and they even had lobster on the buffet.