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Jun 24, 2014 03:53 PM

Chinese around Ossining/Croton?

Always looking to improve, I'm wondering what folks like for Chinese these days in the Ossining/Croton area. We typically go to China Ossining for takeout (across from O High School), keeping it simple (broccoli with brown sauce, chicken dishes, cold noodles in sesame sauce that I doctor up with some more ginger and rice wine vinegar). But we would appreciate any other sources that are, say, 15 mins drive time from Croton Harmon train station.

Thanks much, and happy eating!


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  1. Nancy, I'm so glad you asked this question! I keep meaning to write about Hunan Wok. That's the take out place right in the middle of town (by the dummy light) in Croton.

    The food is top notch, not gloppy, lots of vegetables, generous portions, and you can order many of the dishes in small or large sizes--which means you can have a lot of variety in a meal even if you don't have a lot of people eating.

    When you order, ask if there's anything extra that you get with your order. For instance, we usually get a free pork fried rice when we order dinner for three of us.

    I think there's a menu online somewhere, although the prices may not be totally up to date. Also they deliver in Croton, but I'm not sure how far they go. They'll even deliver at lunch time, which is a big boon for those of us who work at home.

    And no, this is NOT a destination place for people to come from long distances.

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      Thanks-- I would *never* have known that place existed otherwise. We'll try it next time we're looking for takeout-

      1. re: DGresh

        And now I have to worry that I oversold the place. :)

        1. re: Elisa515

          Ummm, actually, I do think you oversold it some little bit.

          1. re: frank113

            So: really good for a local place, for local use. Definitely a cut or two above the other local options (Croton/Ossining Chinese)

            Not worth a trip--not on the order of Imperial Wok in North White Plains.

            Have I put it in better context now?

            That said, thanks for making me hungry; I think I'll order something from there right now.

    2. Elisa, thank you for this good tip. I'm often there at the Black Cow, or getting a massage or acupuncture treatment, so I'll check them out. Yay!

      1. We think the best of the bad is happy garden in the shoprite mall though on occasion it's been throw-in-the-trash inedible. We order the cold sesame noodles, chow fun, tofu dishes and scallion pancakes.

        We've found all the other choices in croton to be horrible.

        I think I noted in another thread that we've resorted to take out from Szechuan gourmet via my train ride home. Even lukewarm, it's much better than anything we have in the area.

        Also, not within your criteria but of note, we recently tried Aberdeen for a non-dim sum dinner. We stuck to the Cantonese specialties and found great, non-Americanized dishes. It's about 25 mins from croton. Wandering even further from your topic, asago makes a mean bibimbap.

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          I very much like Aberdeen, tho' since it's not nearby haven't been that often. Had an awesome snails with pepper sauce once, though the waiter tried to dissuade us. We assured him we knew what we were doing :-)