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Jun 24, 2014 03:19 PM

Pure light olive oil?

Kind of a strange request, but I am about to do a "Whole 30," which is a diet where you basically just eat meats, veggies, fruits, and some limited nuts for 30 days. I know the positives and negatives with this kind of eating, and have done a less intense version of paleo before.

Here's where I am interested... I currently make my own mayonnaise with cold pressed sunflower oil, and it's great, however the omega3:omega6 ratio isn't so great. I'd prefer to be using a light olive oil for mayo making (i've also experimented with avocado and hazelnut oils, which are OK, but not quite as neutral as I'd like). I keep reading that light olive oil is the key, but I know that there is a huge tendency to cut actual olive oils with other stuff, which is part of what I'm trying to avoid.

A while back, I listened to a podcast where they discussed how to ensure your olive oil is pure, and the consensus was that California-produced olive oils are far less likely to be cut with something else. I spent 15 minutes in the grocery store this afternoon trying to locate a light olive oil that wasn't produced overseas, and was unable to find any! Have you located a light olive oil that has been made in California, or is proven to be pure?

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  1. Isn't light olive oil by definition cut with something else?

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      There are no olive trees that grow light olives.

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        Usually. Often extracted using solvents, filtered until nearly all of the olive taste is gone, cut with soybean oil or canola, light olive oil is about as far from "pure" as you can get. Producers also use a lower-quality oil to start with, as why waste their best on something destined to be adulterated?

      2. Interesting. I was under the impression that it was further refined. I guess I was wrong!

        1. The best pesto is normally made from olive oil from Liguria due to how mild the flavor is. In fact, its so light that if Ligurian olive oil isn't available, its recommended that you use other simple oils as opposed to an extra virgin olive oil to allow the flavors of the Genovese basil to shine through. So I imagine this would be your best bet for mayonnaise as its the mildest olive oil you can get.

          btw...I hope you're incorporating exercise. I feel that most "diet only based" regimens fail due to the lack of exercise. Diets are temporary and you'll likely end up gaining it all back. You dont need to lift weights or pull ups or any of that as it appears your target is weight loss as opposed to bulking up. Just do some cardio. Do P90X Lean (only have experienced with the regular P90X program but it really does work. Went from flabby to abs in 90 days though I didn't follow the nutrition plan. Believe the hype) or even Zumba. Even running is fine. Dont say you dont have time. Wake up an hour earlier and run. Get a running buddy to help you stick to your plan.