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Jun 24, 2014 02:36 PM

Vietnamese buffet near Champs in Burnsville?

Does anyone have the name, address and opinion? Thankis

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  1. There's a very decent Vietnamese _restaurant_ across the street from Champps called Cam Ranh Bay, but it's not a buffet. The food is pretty good if you don't want to drive to some of the more downtown Vietnamese places. And they're nearing completion of a nice (and needed) remodel.

    I don't know of a Vietnamese buffet near there. Nha Sang, which is a few miles northeast of there, has a nice - small, but very tasty - lunch buffet, but not Vietnamese - it's Tibetan and Chinese.

    1. I think it's called Mivivi or mi vivim but unable to find any info regarding adress, etc

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          Vietnamese buddy, but he hadn't tried it yet. I may not see him for a few weeks. A VN friend of his said it was good.

      1. Could you mean Miyavi Buffet?

        Next door to the Salvation Army Store just East of Cub on 42.

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