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Jun 24, 2014 01:33 PM

Oakland Area Bites - Vegetarian Friendly Visit

I'll be travelling to the Bay for 4th of July weekend. Most of the time will be spent with friends in the city and on the peninsula, however I will be grabbing dinner with some friends on Sunday, July 6.

Some of my friends are vegetarians and have gluten sensitivities so I want to be respectful of them. I typically prefer east Asian cuisines (mainly Chinese) but I'm fairly open. Last time I was in Oakland I did have a great meal at Kingston 11 with my friends.

Any suggestions will be helpful! BART accessible a plus! (will be leaving the restaurant for OAK)

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  1. Too bad Encuentro is closed Sundays.

    Maybe Mua?

    1. Burma Superstar in either Temescal or Alameda, maybe? Or Comal. A few other places come to mind (Juhu Beach Club, Plum's new incarnation as Ume) but are closed Sundays.

      1. For an early dinner, maybe Golden Lotus near 12th St. station. It's vegetarian southeast asian. I like the thousand layer eggplant tofu clay pot there.

        Near 19th St. station, Pican has some clearly marked vegetarian and gluten free dishes on the menu.