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Jun 24, 2014 01:05 PM

Eagan area eats?

Hi everyone!

Looking for suggestions for Eagan area eats- breakfast places, cafes, restaurants, you name it. We're relatively new to the area. We have tried a couple of places- Italian Pie Shoppe (not a bakery, but pizza) and we enjoyed it for the most part- family atmosphere, down home, Mom & Pop type place where you can sit down and have a pitcher of beer, non-pretentious place. Only thing was the pizza we tried (can't remember which one) had kind of a frozen bread type quality to it, but still pretty good. But I loved the laid -back atmosphere of
Italian Pie Shoppe, so definitely would go back again.

Has anyone been to Fiesta Cancun, new place that opened up on Lexington?

Any other suggestions in the Eagan area (or West St. Paul or nearby) would be appreciated thank you!

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  1. House of Curry (Rosemount). Authentic Sri Lankan food. Google maps indicates it's 9 minutes from "Eagan".

    Kottu Roti, Cutlets, Patties, Tempered Potatoes and Pol Sambol. Get Walapatan for dessert, it's a spiced / aromatic custard of sorts.

    1. Junior's - good breakfasts and other typical diner food

      Ho Ting - Americanized Chinese food but always freshly prepared with fresh veggies and generous portion sizes. One entree is at least two meals. I don't do buffets so have only done take out.

      Brianno's - Italian deli; it's takeout only. I like their pasta dishes, salads and bread. Some rave about their pizza but I've never had it.

      Andiamo - Nice red sauce Italian place.

      El Parian Mexican - The best Mexican in Eagan.

      Puffy Cream - donuts and more!

      Cupcake/Mason Jar is worth checking out. I've had better luck there at brunch/lunch time than at dinner.

      Jensen's Supper Club has not been on my radar but they are in the process of reinventing themselves. They are near the new shopping center so are expanding their hours. Look for J Food (I think that's the new name) sometime in July.

      The same people have Jensen's Cafe in Burnsville. I like their breakfasts, just avoid Sunday morning as the wait can be very long.

      Satay 2 Go in Apple Valley - This is my favorite place SOTR. Asian street food and more. They have a few tables for eating in too.

      I ate at Fiesta Cancun once and won't be back. It falls into the category I call Poo on a Plate but if you like El Loro, this is the place for you.

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        Thank you to both! I appreciate the recs, and will check them out.

        Ah, yes, I forgot about Satay 2 Go- excellent food, and also an Asian bakery- and in the suburbs at that, I found that place too and am so glad it's close by in Apple Valley. Love Satay 2 Go!!!

        Thank you, and please send any more suggestions my way. Would love breakfast suggestions especially (no chains please) Thanks!!!!

      2. The Valley Tap House. Probably the best bar food in the South Metro - excellent beer selection. +1 on El Parian and House of Curry. Also in Rosemount, Giuseppe's Pasta Alforno (the REAL Giuseppe's, not to be confused with the one in Burnsville) for Italian.

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          Sounds delicious, thank you! We'll give these a try!

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            Also in Rosemount is Las Tortillas -

            1. re: sandylc

              Thank you, I haven't yet explored Rosemount for restaurants and didn't realize they had reputable Mexican - will check it out!