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What would you name this salad? (sans croutons)

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Target: K-8th grade students

  1. What are the ingredients in the dressing?

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    The Kitchen Sink Salad (as in...everything but)

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    Energizer. :-)

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    Rearrange the items and add a bit of purple cabbage.
    Call it ROYGBIV Salat
    The ROYGBIV so you can give them a science and nutrition lesson
    the "t" so you can give them a cultural and history lesson

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    "Everything is Awesome" Salad. Good call to leave off the croutons, my salad loving kid hates them.

    (Yes, the kids are out of school. Yes, the Lego Movie is playing on what seems like a nonstop loop. But actually I think they would like the name, and it does seem to have everything in it!)

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    I would just call it a chopped salad. I'm not sure if you're looking for something more kid-friendly and exciting?