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Jun 24, 2014 12:06 PM

Fissler OP, De Buyer Affinity or Sitram for a gas range?

Looking to upgrade my SS cookware and I've narrowed it down to Fissler OP, De Buyer Affinity or one of the Sitram lines. I have a Kitchenaid gas cooktop with more BTU's than a standard range. I'd really appreciate some advice thanks!

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  1. Tanuki Soup should be along to extol the virtues Fissler which is very good.

    Demeyere Atlantis is going to be a lot easier to source in the USA and is comparable to De Buyer Affinity. The Affinity has a more "French" flair and riveted handles, versus the Atlantis which is Belgian with welded handles.

    Sitram while good serviceable cookware is not in the same league as the other premium options.

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    1. re: Sid Post

      Thanks! I'm glad you have a strong opinion about the sitram, I'll rule it out. Since my post I was lucky to find two Fissler pressure cookers for a steal! I've been using them since my post and live the high quality! I'll probably be purchasing the Fissler OP in various pieces. I'm also curious about the Crispy pan they make. My pressure cooker skillet has the same waffle bottom and so far I like it though I haven't really seared meat yet. The only downside is that the cookware is heavy, but Its just a trade off for the superior cooking ability.

    2. I've used a De Buyer Mont Bleu frypan recently (7 layers, same as Affinity, available on Amazon), and it impressed me. I had to use it on a wok burner, which means very hot in the middle, not much on the sides. The pan managed to fry up a batch of halibut steaks very evenly despite this.

      I've never used Fissler or Sitram so I can't compare.

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      1. re: Sirrith

        Sitram is good stuff. On a tight budget, I'd go there again.

        Diminishing returns enters the picture when you are talking about premium cookware. Yes it is better but, not dollar for dollar better. ;-)