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Jun 24, 2014 10:15 AM

Need best chocolate buttercream recipe

I need a decent chocolate buttercream/frosting recipe for a yellow cake i'm making for my husbands birthday. he prefers frosting out of a can and a box mix. prefer scratch. we compromised by agreeing to have homemade frosting, especially bc my son also prefers homemade. I like ganache but he finds it too intense. We also find that regular buttercream is gritty and too sugary.

Any ideas?

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  1. I really like the swiss meringue butter cream recipe from Cook's Illustrated. You beat egg whites and sugar over heat until peaks form and then beat in the butter.

    1. RLB's Egg White Chocolate Buttercream is incredible. I got the recipe from The Cake Bible, but this one looks the same

      1. I meant to say "i prefer scratch". i have flipped thru RLB's book which I love for some cake recipes. I was hoping no raw egg but the whites are tempered or I recall...

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          If they're not, you could easily follow the recipe for her mousseline buttercream which has 248 degree syrup poured in (and the whites get quite warm) and then add the chocolate in. Alternatively, you could buy pre-pasteurized whites in a carton.

        2. at its most basic, chocolate buttercream can simply be cocoa, butter and sugar. i like adding cream cheese to this for an extra dimension. i don't follow a recipe and simply start with a small amount of confectioner's sugar and softened butter. whip. add in some cocoa and cream cheese. keep adding til you get the sweetness and consistency you like. a bit of salt, a splash of vanilla (or bourbon) and a bit of espresso powder will oomph this up a lot too.

          1. This recipe from billy's bakery uses melted semi sweet chocolate, really easy and has never been gritty. Also makes quite a bit.

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              the link doesn't work! :( but I found it on Martha Stewarts site.

              Still making a decision....