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Jun 24, 2014 06:24 AM

Pie in RI

I'm looking for a place to buy pies for a party. I love Schartners but it's a little further than I'm looking to drive. Anyone know where I can buy great pie in Northern RI?

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  1. Le Favorite Bakery, my favorite in Rhodes Island, makes excellent pastries and bread.

    Pies come in traditional size and mini.

    It is located just off Warwick Avenue in the Governor Francis section of Warwick. More middle Rhode Island but closer than South County.

      1. For pies, I hate to say it (because everything else they do is so mediocre), but Gregg's has some of the best in RI I've tried... I'm sure high level bakeries like Seven Stars and Wild Flour must do good pies as well, though...

        1. Your thread brought up some great Rhode Island summer nostalgia (I have maintained for years that a summer Rhode Island childhood in the 50s was like no other). There was a place in Wickford called Emery' was right on 1a before you turned left (on the way to the beach). It was across from the Howard Johnson's (now El Tapatio). It is a faded old structure now. It was run by two older Yankee women: clear chowder only-35 cents a bowl and clam cakes for 5 cents each. Sometimes we would have lunch there on the way to the beach or pick up a couple bags of clam cakes on the way home. ANYway...if you brought a pie tin and gave it to the Emery sisters on your way, you could pick it up with a fresh baked pie in it on your way home.

          1. A friend sent me a link to this place - the pies look delicious!