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Jun 24, 2014 05:13 AM

24 juin - Open today?

Food-related businesses only, of course. I don't think most restaurants are affected. The SAQ site says all outlets closed today.

I also noticed that Milano on St-Laurent in Little Italy is open today from 8 to 5.

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  1. I work in Westmount and le Fournil is open today (scones for breakfast!). The metro in Westmount and IGA in Saint-Henri are closed. Café Saint-Henri was open.
    Thats how fare I ventured out today :p

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    1. re: sophie.brunet

      I'm certainly not going to Westmount today - if the weather were nicer I might visit some friends in NDG and cycle through Westmount - just wanted to say thanks for the scone alert.

      It is very quiet here now, but Italy and Uruguay are playing at noon! Cafés all open, but will be full!

      1. re: lagatta

        yes definitely not a day to go wander around town! Even for scones ;)

    2. all the public markets are open. certain restaurants are open (i know Régine Café is) but have to call to confirm

      1. Both Olive & Gourmand and Titanic were closed today for the holiday. We didn't realize that till we showed up at their doors. L'Express was open; we had a reservation there for dinner. Maison Christian Laure was also open, and serving brunch for the holiday; lucky us!

        (Long-time lurker on these boards, first time posting.)