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Jun 24, 2014 05:01 AM

Quick Suggestions - Buckhead or along the red line - tonight!

MSP Chowhounder here in town on business. I'm looking for a place to go with 2 work colleagues tonight. We're staying in Buckhead near the Buckhead station and would like a place in walking distance from that area or anywhere easily (and safely) accessible off of the red line. Looking for a place with $20 - $25 entrees, casual dress, but GOOD food is a must. Bonus points if the restaurant is associated with Top Chef contestants or judges. :)

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  1. How about taking MARTA to Midtown station and easy/safe walk 2 blocks to Empire State South. Hugh Acheson's restaurant - judge criteria met! Very casual and great food.
    In walking distance I can't think of any Top Chef locations near your hotel, but you might walk down to Buckhead Diner on Piedmont for good casual dining.

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      Went to Buckhead Diner last night with friends. :) Got my shrimp and grits fix!

    2. Niko bistro us pretty good spot nearby. It'll hit your price points

      1. You could do St Cecelia or Tomo (sushi) nearby. Seven Lamps might also fit. It's not too far of a cab ride to Holeman & Finch or Lusca (which we recently tried for the first time and really enjoyed).

        Hector Santiago did the menu at least for a bar in Buckhead. We tried it once, but it was more of an old-school Buckhead bar/meat market scene. I Murtaugh out on that these days. The food was decent but pricey compared to what he had with his sandwich shop.

        I've only been to MSP once, and the Asian food I had was kinda lousy. So, you could also grab a cab and head to Buford Hwy for some excellent Vietnamese at Nam Phuong or Dai Loi. The former being a little fancier.

        I'd try any of those over my Top Chef suggestions (a Hector-curated menu at a fratboy bar, or going to Blais' inspired Flip Burger Boutique at Roswell and Piedmont).

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          I would also suggest Seven Lamps if you bail on the Top Chef idea.

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            Sorry you had lousy Asian food in MSP... we have a great scene in the St. Paul part of MSP, so next time check out Chowhound. We're happy to steer you in the right direction! :)

            I made reservations for Bistro Niko. Super close to our hotel and will still allow time for shopping at Bloomie's after (we just lost our Bloomie's at MOA a year ago and I miss it!). Thanks for the great recs though... will have to check those out another time.

            1. re: Seige

              No worries. It was Vietnamese out near Medtronic HQ. What we have here is leaps and bounds better.

              I did get to try the lone sake brewpub (in the country last I was checking) and liked that a lot with their ikakaya-ish menu.

              1. re: ted

                Ah yes, moto-i. Medtronic HQ/Fridley is a wasteland for good food. Next time go into the Minneapolis or St. Paul. :)

                1. re: Seige

                  Too bad I can't spell "izakaya" in a hurry. Yes, that's the place. I had a good conversation with a local chef who had just closed up on a Sun night. I was staying up around Fridley, so I was going places nearby.

                  The one really great meal I had was sitting at the bar at Butcher & the Boar one night.

                  Anyway, Atlanta has great options for Vietnamese and Korean food and really good options for other Asian cuisines. I'm tempted to say "this side of the Mississippi," but foodiebuddha's going to say I'm full of it regardless of what I say.

                  1. re: ted

                    I wouldn't say that - after all, i'm full of it! :-) Cheers!

          2. My wife and I had a "stay-cation" at the Intercontinental on Memorial day weekend. We ate at Bistro Niko, St Cecilia and Seven Lamps.
            Even though we liked Niko, it has a very corporate feel and the food is very French, therefore heavy. St. Cecelia is the new place to "see and be seen" and the food was good, but we both felt Seven Lamps was the most Chowhound worthy
            meal. Chef Drew has worked at all the top Atlanta restaurants and I just prefer the feel of a Chef owned restaurant. Have Fun....

            1. Get a table in the 1st room on the right away from the bar. It's a little quiter for doing business please report back Bob. Ps they have a few outside tables too