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Jun 24, 2014 04:10 AM

4 nights in Roma-Family of 5


This is my first time posting on this blog! My husband and I are taking our 3 children (16, 12, 5) to Italia for 2 weeks. We will begin with 4 nights in Rome and are staying on Via Ludovisi near Via Veneto. We are looking for the most authentic experience regarding dining and want to avoid the touristy restaurants. Yes, I know we are tourists, but I want to feel connected to my italian roots (and I've been brushing up on my Italian for months!). We want great food and ideally to try restaurants in different neighborhoods with a passagiata after dinner to wear the locals enjoy their evenings (for lunch we would like just snacks/street food). Can anyone help? We leave in 5 days! Grazie, Cinzia

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hi Cinzia,
      You must be excited about your trip to Rome!
      Since questions like your have been asked so often on this board, I'd suggest you do a search in the upper right of this board, for Rome Restaurants. There you will find plenty of answers to your questions.

      1. Okay, I will try that. Yes, we are very excited! Thank you!