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Jun 23, 2014 10:55 PM

Pandan desserts

Hi forum goers,

I want to see if anyone has ideas on how I can get pandan flavour concentrated enough to actually make my desserts taste like it, without having to use the extract that can be bought (it's mostly full of junk and it seems quality may vary a lot between brands). The types of desserts I've been trying to flavour are things like puddings and mousses. I really love coconut (which goes perfectly with the pandan) and creamy things so I've tried a few times to infuse coconut milk with the pandan flavour and make a cashew and coconut oil based mousse from it. I just can't get the pandan flavour strong enough, though. Do you think boiling a pandan infused water to reduce it would be effective? That and just using larger and larger amounts of pandan are the only ideas I've really got. I know a lot of people don't use this ingredient, but you may have knowledge of similar ingredients that you have helpful flavour-extracting techniques for.

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  1. I have a similar problem - I like the flavor and haven't been satisfied with my own extracts from the fresh or frozen leaves. I usually end up adding a drop or more of the artificial extract. I'm happiest with the first I tried, a rather thick deep green liquid (KoePoe)

    I first tasted this flavor in Nonya Kaya Coconut jam - so for good or bad that's my reference.


    1. I've come across a few food bloggers who do this or something close to it. What about this?

      It results in a paste rather than an extract, but it should work fine.

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        That's an interesting way to do it! Thanks for letting me know about that