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Jun 23, 2014 09:31 PM

Jury Duty at Daley Plaza

So in a few hours I head downtown to begin my first day of potential Jury Duty. From what I hear, the first day will be a lot of sitting around, and I'm hoping they will let us out for a quick lunch.

What do you recommend in close walking distance to Daley Plaza for a tasty (quick) lunch? I prefer something I can take out, and ethnic. Are there any interesting food trucks, for example? Would rather avoid chains. Does not have to be cheap. Just yummy.


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  1. There are lots of places for sandwiches, the best of which IMHO include Pastoral, Pret a Manger, Hannah's Bretzel, etc.

    The French Market is 0.6 mile west. If that's close enough for you, there's so much there: Saigon Sisters for banh mi and pho, Fumare for Montreal-style smoked meats, Lillie's Q for barbecue, another location of Pastoral for cheese and sandwiches (in addition to the one on Lake), etc.

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      Bale is very close by for Banh Mi. Cafecito is also a quick walk. Food trucks move around, so not always predictable, although Tamale Spaceship is at Madison/Franklin on Tuesdays, 11:30 to 1-ish.

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        Even if you order ahead of time, Pastoral is crazy busy at lunchtime. I gave up eating there at noon.

      2. Thanks for these great suggestions.

        French Market is nice, but too far to walk in heels I'm afraid.

        Actually, my two favorite sandwiches are a Cuban sandwich and banh mi. I was disappointed with Siagon sisters, I'm afraid.... Not enough picketed veg and flavor, with bland pate. I was spoiled by cheap and good banh mi in San Francisco and haven't found it here.

        But I don't know Bale... It's better than SS?

        1. Seventh floor of Marshall Fields/Macys

          Frontera Fresco by Rick Bayless

          Noodles by Takashi

          Salad place (can't remember the name)

          Bonus points: You can take the pedway from Daley Center and avoid the humidity or potential rain.

          1. Soprafina on Dearborn, just south of Washington, is a small, local "chain but it's food is good and it's really close by. The salads, especially, are made to order and quite good.

            1. Thanks guys for more very good suggestions.

              I went to Ba Le today. It was ok. Definitely satisfied a craving. Had the special Banh Mi with all the works and a "soup". All needed more flavor/fat/stuff, but it was still a treat. I think next time I'll grab some of the fresh spring rolls that looked good on display.

              Frontera Fresco was also a great idea. So that is on the 7th floor of Marshall Fields? I should really know these things....

              Of course, I should be more healthy, and eat salads (thanks Masha!), but since I am so rarely in the city for lunch I fear I will stray...

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                Soprafinna is not just salad. They have individual Neapolitan style pizzas, sandwiches (including panninis), and a couple of hot entrees each day. So especially if it's raining, it's a good choice for food really close to the Daley Center. (You can cross underground in the Pedway from the Daley Center to the county office building on the southwest corner of Washington and Randolph, exit that building from the southernmost door on Dearborn and Soprafinna is in the next building to the south, just on the other side of the alley -- upstairs from Trattoria No. 10, which has common ownership with Soprafinna. )