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Jun 23, 2014 07:13 PM

Romantic dancing - Am I crazy?

Back in the day you could find places with a band/singer drinks, dessert and dancing of the couple kind. Founders at the Bellevue had this on weekends. Is there anywhere in Philly/S jerz where you can find some old fashioned romance?

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  1. The Walnut Street Supper Club has the live band, but I do not believe there is dancing.

    1. You could go out on the Spirit of Philadelphia

      1. Café Madison in Riverside NJ, just over the Betsy Ross Bridge, has live music Friday and Saturday after 9 pm, with dancing. They have really good martinis and desserts, too. Riverwinds in Deptford, NJ, has a great view of the Philadelphia skyline and excellent drinks and desserts; they have live music, but I don't know about dancing. Filomena's Lakeview, also in Deptford, is very romantic and has a good bar and live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I am hesitant to recommend Adelphia's in Deptford, although they have a good bar and good desserts, because they're not the most romantic of places - the ambiance is kind of a medium-level banquet venue with lots of neon. Also, the music varies widely from oldies to disco and everything in between.

        1. Twisted Tail has live blues music most nights, and decent Southern food. Chris's Jazz Cafe has live jazz most nights, and I've never tried their food (actually, I've never been, so can't give a first-hand report).

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            Do people dance at either places?

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              Sometimes people will dance at twisted tail. they have a good floor for it, and an area clear of tables, if I remember correctly.

              Not sure about chris' jazz club

              The fountain's casual bar area (Swann lounge?) used to have a pianist or a few players (not sure which) for some live swing/jazz music on friday nights, and would have a portable dance floor they'd open up, this was 5+ years ago and I have no idea if they still do it or not.

          2. You might do best at the Society Hill Dance Academy. They mostly do lessons, but have events as well that often include dinner and live music.

            Unfortunately, romantic/ballroom style dancing can only be found at weddings and other catered affairs.