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Jun 23, 2014 05:45 PM

Good restaurants half way between Washington DC and Philadelphia?

I"m looking for a restaurant about halfway between Washington DC and Philadelphia where I could meet a friend for lunch or dinner on a weekend. Good food a reasonable price -- and in a safe neighborhood -- is what want. Any suggestions?

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  1. That's about 140 miles so halfway is about 70 miles. Which is about 20 miles south of the Maryland border (I drove that route every week for three years and have been driving it for about 40 years total, so I know it way too well). It puts you somewhere around Havre de Grace (which by the way is pronounced Habberdeegrace by Marylanders). As I don't stop to eat, I can't personally recommend any of these places, but here are the options I found: Vineyard Wine Bar, Laurrapin Grille, Price's Seafood, Promenade Grill, Tidewater Grille, Chesapeake Grill. Hmm. Maybe I should pull off the highway one of these days. Also, in Northeast, Woody's Crab House. I am sure others have mentioned other crab houses up that way, but I can't recall what was recommended.

    1. If you want to take Amtrak, Tom Sietsema liked La Fia in Wilmington. It's close to the train station and you wouldn't have to fight traffic.

      1. Thanks to both of you for your thoughtful responses and helpful info! Leni

        1. Havre d'Grace has some fine restaurants. and of course, you have Baltimore, which has safe as well as tasty places

          1. Thanks again to all who have responded. I'm always amazed at the helpfulness of Chowhounders.

            I think we're going to meet in Bel Air, MD. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good restaurant - not meaning expensive, just really good quality food - in that location or nearby?

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              Never even taken that exit, but Trip Advisor shows 130 restaurants in Bel Air - and surprisingly few of them are chains. You could check the reviews on Trip Advisor.

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                Very close to Bel Air is Joppa, MD, home of Baldwin's, which has fantastic crab cakes. The rest of their food is so so, but if you're interested in crab cakes, it's a must stop.

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                  Thanks for your suggestion. We love fish but are eating gluten free so crab cakes are, sadly, out... thanks for suggesting though!