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Jun 23, 2014 04:53 PM

Monmouth/Ocean County baby shower venue

I am in need of some suggestions of an unique baby shower venue for approx 30-45 attendees. Price point no more than 30$ per person and preferably a byob establishment but not necessary... The guest of honor is a professional pastry chef and very much into food and especially desserts...

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  1. Serenity Cafe in Tome River does an excellent job. We just had my sister's baby shower there.

    1. came to chowhound for an answer to the exact same question! looking for something a little closer to point pleasant...

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        Firefly in Manasquan did an excellent job for my cousin's bridal shower but I don't think they are operating there any longer.

        Serenity Cafe is definitely still worth considering. It is another 10 minutes down the GSP and a straight shot on Rt 37. You'll get delicious food instead of the usual nasty fare that you get from traditional shower/wedding places.