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Jun 23, 2014 04:47 PM

Mrs Wilkes, Savannah?

Opinions about Mrs Wilkes? I have heard so much about it for so many years, and a current book says it is the best down-home food in Savannah. But they don't take reservations and serve lunch only and the thought of standing in line for up to an hour in the noonday sun and August heat is a turn-off. I want the Southern home-cooking my grandma made, nothing elegant.

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        Yes to the first question. Don't know about payment methods, best to assume cash only, or call them to ask.

    1. Mrs. Wilkes is great. The line is a good place to meet people from all walks of life. The street is tree lined, so it is shady and not sweltering. The line moves fast and before you know it, you are inside. The fried chicken is great, probably 2nd best I had in Savannah. The sides are plentiful and good. It is family style, so you will be full when you leave. I strongly recommend the experience.

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        What was the first best chicken?

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          Almost embarrassed to say, but it was at Paula Deen's. The rest of the meal was very mediocre, but the fried chicken was awesome.

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            I have had her fried was pretty damn good.

            I am not ashamed to admit that I had a meal at her old place before the fame and the meal was excellent.

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              So did I. I didn't even know who Paula Deen was at the time. A friend had heard that the restaurant served the "best fried chicken around." It was pretty fabulous.

      2. I love it. It reminds me of Sunday dinner at my grandmas in Macon (on a larger scale of course). The fried chicken is amazing but, since I now live in MN and can't get some of it, I devour the vegetables. Butter beans, green beans, black eyed peas, squash, rice and gravy, okra and tomatoes, everything that I loved growing up- all at once. Last time I was there they had cucumbers in vinegar that I just hogged. The one thing I don't have an opinion on is dessert because I'm always too full, but my husband loves the banana pudding.
        We usually get there more towards the end of seating, around 1:00. I think the wait is generally shorter by then. Just know that you'll watch person after person come out raving about how delicious it is while the smell of fried chicken wafts by. It's definitely worth it, esp if you grew up on that type of cooking.

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          Yes, I hear you about the good ol' vegetables, no nonsense about serving green beans crisp and half-raw. Just like Grandma cooked. Traveling in the South used to mean, to me, eating at Morrison's Cafeterias and, never mind the meat, I would get a big tray of vegetables. Many thanks to all for responses. I will persevere with Mrs Wilkes and look for the shady trees, make a reservation at Paula Deen's, and (please don't laugh) take the bus out to Oglethorpe Mall for the purpose of eating at the Piccadilly Cafe---I expect they, too, will have the Southern-cooked vegetables. We have nothing like them in the North. And I wouldn't say no to a fruit cobbler, either. PS, while we're talking, I am reading good things about breakfast at both Henry's and Clary's. Any strong opinions?

        2. We had a great experience. We got there a bit before it opened, and didn't have to wait long at all. We sat with two very nice elderly ladies who were born in Savannah and had many tales to tell about the area. Food was great. Load up on the vegetables.

          1. I ate at Mrs. Wilkes once a few years ago and loved every minute of it. The line outside moved quickly after the doors opened for service and the community seating made for fun and interesting conversations. The food was really good, just like the southern cooking my grandparents used to make. When I'm around good food like that, and its served family style, I have a hard time controlling myself. On this occasion, I ate so much I had to stroll around Savannah for a looooooong time in order too "walk it off". I'd go back to Mrs. Wilkes in a heartbeat.