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Jun 23, 2014 02:19 PM

Good food within walking distance of San Diego City College and Sheraton Marina?

We'll be in town soon for an event at the San Diego City College (1480 Park Blvd.). We're staying at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina (1380 Harbor Island Dr). Without a car.

I know I might just be screwed trying to find good food within walking distance of the hotel, but anything near the college?

I've browsed the gaslight and downtown posts and found some tasty-looking options, though few less than a 30 min walk away or a really long busride.

We're looking for good casual or hole-in the wall food of any flavor really (though particularly mexican, korean, japanese, local produce, seafood, and places with beer on tap).

Doesn't need to be fancy or outstanding, but despite our limited range, it would be nice to try a bit of what San Diego does best (coming from southeast US).


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  1. Rustic Kitchen at 819 C Street is within walking distance of City College. I haven't been myself, but I have heard good things about their tacos from a reliable source. The main part of downtown/Gaslamp is a bit of a walk from City College, but the 7 bus and the blue/orange trolley lines both stop at City College and would make the trip quicker.

    1. The trolley stops at Park & C - aka the Smart Corner - and you can get anywhere in downtown in about 5 minutes. An all day pass is $5.

      The Chinese seafood place across the street from the college, Gen Lai, is not bad. It's been there a very long time and a lot of the professors at City eat there. Also on C, a block east of Park is The Bee Hive, which oddly enough, does sushi. There is a Mexican place (La Casa? La Casita? something like that) on B St. that I've been told is quite good. There is a McDonalds across the street, Burger King, Jack in the Box, Del Taco and 200 other restaurants within a mile radius of the college

      If you're looking for a nice, sit down lunch, try Chaplos at 10th (or is it 9th) and B. That is less than a 5 minute walk from the campus.

      The cafeteria at City College isn't awful. It can be a little hit or miss, but it could work if pressed for time Don't know what they might have going for summer, but during the spring they upgraded their burger and added a turkey burger. Both were surprisingly very good.

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          Didn't know that. Scratch that rec, then

          1. re: DiningDiva

            Chaplos closed last week. Come on, DD :)

            Monkey Paw (16th and F) is a nanobrewery a couple of blocks from City College. They have 30 or so taps and great cheesesteaks.

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              Geez. . .I'm batting as poorly as the Padres!

              Too bad about Chaplos. Tough location, tho'

        2. re: DiningDiva

          I'll second The Hive, but frankly, I didn't know it was called the "Bee" Hive. Interesting, and I've been there many times. I thought the name was just suggestive of a gathering together of people.

          Anyway, I think their sushi is quite good; it would be my first stop in the immediate City College vicinity.

        3. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone! We'll certainly check some of these out.