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Jun 23, 2014 02:18 PM

Small rehearsal dinner in North Toronto?

Hi all,

I'm planning a small rehearsal dinner for just 9 people on a Saturday night in July. I would like somewhere that has some kind of slightly private area (or private booth, table in a corner, etc) where we would be able to talk easily. Hopefully somewhere quieter, but not boring. I would also like the mains to be around $20 per person or less. I would also like it to be on the subway line (between Rosedale and Sheppard) and have decent parking. A lot to ask, I know! But any help would be appreciated.

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  1. You're not going to find a decent restaurant on the subway line in North Toronto with mains that are $20 or less.

    The back room at Grano might work, if you increase your price range a little. Some pastas are under $20.

    Trio, Lil Baci or Tabule also might be worth considering, with mains under $30.

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      Trio is Tubule
      ...we had dinner at Sip Wine Bar last Friday...located on Broadway 2 doors north of Eg. Place was hoping, service was great, and we all enjoyed our dinner. Primarily pizza and pasta, but I had swordfish which was delish. Don't know capacity, but they have a beautiful private room downstairs that I noticed when going to the bathroom.

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        Heard good things about the pizza at Sip, but haven't been yet.

    2. I was thinking of Lil baci actually. I like Sip but thought it might be too noisy. Does anyone know anything about Five doors north?

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        Five doors would be noisier than Sip. Lil Baci has a large communal table at the back that might work for you.

      2. The food at Lil Baci is delicious. Not sure about whether they have a private room but I think they have an upstairs and downstairs so maybe they can set something up for you.

        Have you considered Coquine just south of Eglinton on Yonge? They do have a private room (although I think it's for bigger groups. Mains are about $25-32, a bit higher than what you hoped for. Street parking.

        I think you'll be hard pressed to find a place between Rosedale and Sheppard that has both good subway accessibility and designated parking (although from Davisville north drivers have more options for street parking, maybe some lots depending on location).