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Jun 23, 2014 01:24 PM

No fuss BDay diner Pescetarian options Charleston (or area) Cru/Anson/Hanks

Vacationing in Charleston, staying on Johns Island. My birthday is coming up this weekend and would like a nice but non fussy/fancy diner rec.with good pescetarian options. I know that most places will accommodate but still would prefer nothing too bacon based.

Had lunch at Hominy this week and really enjoyed it. Would prefer a diner but are open to lunch as well (though some places aren't). Would rather stay away from Market area or anything too noisy. I heard Cru can sometimes be "horsey" depending on wind direction- really?

Have looked at Cru, Anson, Hanks. FIG was in there until I realized I'm too late for a reservation. Its not necessary but while we're here we'd like to continue sampling local(ish) cuisine. Doesn't have to be downtown Charleston either - seems a lot of gems are on neighboring islands and can be during the week too.

Brasserie Gigi also looks very good?
Your thoughts are appreciated!

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  1. Why not consider Fat Hen on John's Island? It's a must stop place for me when I'm in the area. They tout the place as "low country French" which seems about right to me.

    Cru is wonderful. I've never had an issue with horsey smells, even when dining outside on the porch.

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      Fat Hen was going to be my suggestion as well. Love Cru and Hank's is on our list for when we're there over the 4th. We thought Anson was just fine but not incredible. Have heard/read from multiple sources that The Ordinary is amazing, if a little pricey. Although both Hank's and Ordinary may be a bit loud? Anson and Cru definitely are not.

    2. You can't go wrong with Cru, unless it's proximity to the market bothers you. Below is a pic I took there last December

      I'm about to have a mental breakdown if I don't get to the Ordinary soon. People rave.

      I like Fat Hen, but it always feels a tad heavy to me. I recall my veg and semi-veg friends were pretty horrified to find unadvertised bacon in their grits there.