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Jun 23, 2014 01:22 PM

copper river wild salmon going fast...

Picked up my first slab fillet of copper river sockeye salmon caught on it's short upstream seasonal run last night at whole foods. Apparently Quality has them too. ruby red flesh extra loaded with omega 3's to support the journey. never had better salmon. just a simple grill over cedar with salt, pepper, and butter pats to finish. couldn't be better.

get yours while you can.

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  1. will have to get some before it's gone!

    1. crap, I meant central market. 21.99 / lb there, and 17.99 at Quality. Just needed other items or would have gone to the cheaper source.

      1. not a joke, i lived in seattle for a year over a decade ago and yearn for the rich butteriness of copper river, even though our selection of sockeye here in socal is excellent. simple is best, great call

        1. I got some at the Randall's for 15.99 on the Randall's card, discounted from 18.99

          1. Costco usually has it the cheapest, $9/lb last year. Unfortunately I'm one of those nay-sayers that doesn't think CRS is all that. Everybody brags about it's fat content but all I've ever seen has been leaner than the farm-raised stuff.

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              yeah the fat by now is probably down significantly compared to the first part of the run in May. So I'm sure the timing and vendor could easily magnify or cancel out the differences in taste. Mine wasn't so much the amount of fat feel, but rather the flavor and texture were just so great. As a fat geek scientist here at UT, I am sure the type as much as the amount of total fat is important for flavor too. There are myriad tens upon tens of different types of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in tissues. Also it was cut up off the fish right in front of me, a nice touch. For us - we have been bored with eating (to be nice to our hearts) atlantic salmon for years and almost always throw away a third pound of left overs. But we ate every drop of this (we usually split 1.25 pounds) and wanted more. If it's all marketing, I'm sure a happy sucker to be duped on this one :-)