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What to drink at a steakhouse when pregnant

I'm taking my husband to a steakhouse for his birthday. I'm pregnant and want to know what I can drink that will complement the steak since I won't be able to enjoy a delicious wine with it.

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  1. i'm not pregnant, but not a drinker - i often opt for plain water or sparkling (to save $$ you can just ask for soda water out of the bar tap instead of paying for fancy import water, though many of the import waters do have their own unique characters) with a lime wedge. iced tea can also be really nice - i'm a fan of unsweetened with a squeeze of lemon.

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      Good call on the sparkling water. Thanks!

      1. re: eclaires11

        total personal favorite :-) and congratulations, by the way, as well as a happy birthday to your husband!

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        Heck, I don't even eat meat (!) but I agree.

        When dining out sparkling water with a wedge (lemon, lime, orange) feels and looks festive. It plays nicely on the tongue.

        My concern with a non-soda drinker ordering a "Coke" or other sweetened beverage, would be that the sugar would interfere with the taste of the meal.

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          Agree. I think I'll stick with the festive sparkling :)

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          I switched to club soda after finding that some of the minerals in a few fancy sparkling water brands didn't... ahem... agree with my innards.

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            a good and valid reason to switch... ;-)

        3. Often in places with good cocktail programs, if you ask them to have the bartender make you something without alcohol, they'll make something with fruit juices and sodas and such that can be quite good. That doesn't work if they have the kind of bartender who is just reading a recipe from a book and mixing branded spirits, but if it's the kind of place where they do any kind of house infusions or syrups, the bartender can probably do something interesting.

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            I'll definitely see if this steakhouse does "mixology" - it's on old-timey steakhouse, so we'll see. Thanks for recommendation!

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              My favorite booze-free cocktail is a bloody mary. Many steakhouses do a great bloody mary even if they don't have more complicated cocktails on the menu. I don't eat meat but I suspect the tomato horseradish flavors would pair well...and its just as delicious without any alchohol.

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              I agree. Most bartenders love getting requests like this because it's a rare chance to show some creativity.

            3. I agree with all the sparkling water suggestions. The fizz and a piece of citrus for flavor looks nice and won't mess with any flavors at all.
              I couldn't drink for several months while on pain medication after surgery, and the sparkling water trick saved my sanity around all the tasty looking drinks.
              Enjoy your meal!

              1. As to pairing with a steak. I'd go with the sparkling water as well. Otherwise, when I'm out and not drinking. My go to order is an Arnold Palmer.

                1. I always have club soda with lemon or lime. It feels like I'm having a real drink, but doesn't have calories or chemicals that I don't need (like soda pops do).

                  1. The only drink I drink at a steakhouse is a beer or a caesar (bloodymary for americans) Im sure they would do this virgin.

                    I have always found drinking and eating hard together hard and usually go with water much to our waitress disappointment.

                    1. I like virgin mojitos with steak.

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                          I really like this suggestion. Nothing sweet. Ginger ale sounds quite good.

                        2. Sorry but we've removed the digressions from this thread about whether it's OK to drink alcohol while pregnant. It's a heated topic, leading to unfriendly posts, and is not helping find good alternatives for posters who want non-alcoholic drink options that pair well with steak.