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Jun 23, 2014 01:08 PM

Taste of Thailand Foodfest [DTW]

The "Taste of Thailand Foodfest" is taking place this Sunday, June 29th, from noon to 5:00 at the Buddhist Meditation Center in Sterling Heights.

Here's an article from the Macomb Daily News:


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  1. Thanks BobRe. I never knew this place existed! I might try to swing by there.

    1. Here's a list of restaurants that participated in the festival and the food they were serving. Food prices were pretty much $3 - $5 based on what I saw and purchased.

      Bangkok Cuisine:
      Chicken on toast
      Vegetable spicy roll noodles delight
      Chicken roll noodles delight

      Bangkok Cuisine Express:
      Thai beef BBQ with sticky rice
      Thai pork BBQ with sticky rice

      Sala Thai:
      Pad Thai
      Som Tom (spicy papaya salad)
      Thai fried chicken
      Sticky rice
      Vegetable fried rice

      Suko Thai:
      Kao Soi (red curry with egg noodles)
      Kao Mook Gai (rice dish with chicken)

      Golden Buddha:
      Pan fried mussels
      Gaeng mudsamun curry

      Pi's Thai Cuisine:
      Pad gra pow chicken with rice
      Thai angel cookie
      Boiled peanuts
      Sweet mung bean paste

      So Thai:
      Spring roll
      Beef lab

      Thai Cafe:
      Kuoy tiew luk chin (Thai meatball noodle soup)

      Lai Thai:
      Thai salad with pork
      Kanum chin nam ya (rice noodle with ground tuna curry sauce)

      Bangkok Pepper:
      Fried chicken patties

      Bangkok Grocery:
      Thai groceries food
      Laab moo
      Fried fish ball, fried pork ball

      Tony Ba'lony's:
      Thai pizza
      Fresh roll
      Fried banana
      Thai sandwich

      Thai Delight:
      Bangkok chicken
      Mango sticky rice
      Chicken curry

      Chang Thai:
      Pumpkin curry
      Crab rangoon

      Jee Thai Desert:
      Khanom foi thong (shredded egg yolk)
      Khanom thom (desert ball)
      Khanom moa gang (Thai custard)
      Khanom thong yord (round egg yolk)
      Woon ma plow (coconut jelly)
      Khanom tua paap (steam bean dessert)


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      1. re: BobRe

        I wasn't able to make it. Anything impress, beyond an above an average Metro area short order Thai meal? Actually, I'd have been happy with that. I'm just asking whether anyone went above and beyond...out of curiosity.

      2. DO you know On the tip of the tongue of China ?