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Jun 23, 2014 07:58 AM

Between Boise and Bend

Hi all... hitting the road in a week, heading from Salt Lake City to Sunriver Resort outside Bend.

Need some recommendations for a great place along US 20, or in Bend proper, to grab a bite to eat in the evening before we reach our final stop.

Two beer geeks traveling with 3 boys between 16 and 20, open to just about anything when it comes to food.

We will have had lunch at Big Jud's in Boise, so something with lighter fare and smaller plates would be welcome.

The boys love brewpub food even if they can't enjoy the suds, so those would be most welcome.

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  1. Google Maps says that's a 5 1/2 hr drive. The only town of note between the 2 is Burns, at about 3 hrs.

    Have you looked for threads on Bend itself?

    1. burns/hines is your only option. Its a small town with very limited options. It is a very boring drive and stopping will just make it even more boring. your best option is to keep going until you hit bend. Burns is just about the halfway point between Ontario and Bend.

      Your options improve greatly once you reach bend. Sunriver has great options but it is a resort. If you want a true brew scene, you will be in Bend most of the time. Sunriver has a good brewery known more for their food than their beer...but with the summer season here, it will be crowded

      Let me know if you need recommendations

      1. Hi, GG:

        Honestly? Buy a good radar detector and put your foot to the floor.


          1. There is a great pizza place in the Old Mill District of Bend called Flatbread Community Oven. My family stopped there and had pizza on our way to Sunriver and it was great.