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Jun 22, 2014 10:06 PM

Best way to reheat roasted potatoes so they don't get soggy?

I made a large batch of roasted potatoes with rosemary and lavender tonight and seem to have finally perfected the technique to get my potatoes creamy and soft on the inside while crunchy and crisp on the outside - a feat that had until today had eluded me.

The only catch is because I'm cooking for one, I have lots of leftovers. A dish that takes this long to make isn't worth cooking in single serving batches, so I did about 2 lbs of potatoes. The problem then comes in storage and reheating. What is the best way to reheat these potatoes so that I don't end up with soggy spuds? While they'll still be tasty I'm sure (the lavender/rosemary combo is a winner!) I'd hate to lose the lovely texture that I managed to achieve at long last.

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  1. I would just put them in a warm oven, well below the temperature you would use for cooking. But the texture may still be degraded somewhat.

    1. Nonstick skillet, turn them as they heat. Should be perfect!

      1. in their jackets or cut?

        if cut, i'd heat some oil to medium-high in a heavy skillet on the stovetop and put them in, turning so they warm/toast evenly. better than the first time around! to aid in warming, can put large lid ajar. don't cover completely.

        1. I slice and fry leftover potatoes, whether they're roasted or simply boiled. I especially like them for breakfast, with eggs and stuff, but they're good with anything. That rosemary/lavender thing isn't far from the herbes de Provence I use on my roasted ones sometimes; my late pa-in-law used to import that and Mrs. O loves it.

          I think low heat is generally a bad idea, as is covering them while re-heating, as this promotes sogginess. The secret to good roasted ones in the first place, at least in my experience, is preheating the skillet in the oven to cooking temperature while letting parboiled potatoes sit in oil, salt and herbs, then scraping the whole mess into the hot pan and slamming it back in. I prefer a similar environment for the re-heating process.