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Jun 22, 2014 08:02 PM

Anywhere in TO that has Singaporean Chilli Crab or Black Pepper Crab?

Any restaurants have Singapore chilli crab or black pepper crab?

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  1. hawker bar from time to time

    best call them

    1. As eluded to by Frogsteak, Hawker Bar occasionally has them. Hence calling ahead is essential.

      However, your best bet is 'Lion City' in Mississauga. They have both version for around $30 per crab.

      'Gourmet Malaysia' in Scarborough has the Black Pepper Crab version.

      'Restoran Malaysia' in Richmond Hill offers the Chili Crab version.

      IMHO, none of them tasted authentic especially if one uses something like 'Eng Sang' in Singapore as reference!

      Surprisingly, Richlane Gourmet Chinese on Leslie and 16th offered a version a few weeks ago that trumps the above ' Malaysian' outfits!! Really tasty with the right amount of spiciness.

      For most authentic taste, get the 'Prima Taste Chili-Crab pre-packaged sauce' from T&T and make it yourself. However, one would need a lot of oil for frying the crab in order to produce a great tasting product! And its pretty pungent and smokey too! Prepare to turn on the exhaust fan and open the windows!!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        actually there's no need to use so much oil! ive used their chilli crab sauce before but it's just not that practical to be deep-frying crabs at home (vs a proper commercial kitchen) so i cut down on the amt and voila the end product still tasted amazing! smelled crazily drool-worthy but without the smoke

      2. How is the Hawker bar version? Authentic or a fusion twist?

        I'll have to get on trying the rest. Or open a place myself!!!

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        1. re: bringonthelbs

          Its more fusion than the Singapore ' reddish chili ' version. More like a Thai Red Curry clone. Not bad tasting but its no Singapore Chili Crab! I have no photo record of the dish but manage to get one from their website

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Hawker Bar version uses soft shell crab.

            1. re: Charles Yu

              UGG what will it take to get actual Singapore crab here.. How does this not exist in Toronto?!

              1. re: bringonthelbs

                In Singapore, they use the Sri Lankan or Bangladesh giant Rock/Stone crab. Here in Toronto, the natural alternative is to use West coast Dungeness crab. However, they are getting more and more expensive these days ( sometimes retailing at supermarket for over $10.99 per pound for big, 3 lbs+ ones ). Due to price consideration, for a not too well known/popular dish, restaurants are hesitant to carry such expensive ingredients?! Furthermore, for authentic version, it needs to start from scratch with a lot of prep work, especially the sauce! Unlike Indian curries, I doubt one could use a generic mother sauce to get the desired effect?!
                Just my 2 cents worth?!!

          2. Looks like you can find it here:


            In the SEAFOOD section:
            Singapore Chilli Crab $28.00
            Singapore Peppered Crab $28.00