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Jun 22, 2014 07:37 PM

Hey Chowhounds , are there any living in the Orange Co., Calif. area? Need help on appliance dealers

I am remodeling my kitchen . I have owned several gourmet vegetarian restaurants since 1975, and now being retired, want a home gourmet kitchen. After searching the net for a high BTU burner range top, I am between Thermador and Blue Star. However, the reviews have been so bad on all the major brands. So the next step is to choose the right appliance store. And again, the reviews are as bad as the brands being sold. What happened to good old customer service and pride? One consistent remark was that no one was happy with Pacific Sales and then went on to other stores. But once there, the reviews go down hill. Since vegetarians dont need much in the way of a high powered hood, what are your recommendations there. We like the chimney type. thanks in advance.

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  1. Check out Renwes in Lake Forest.

    1. For a major purchase like this, I think you should consider a gourmet appliance dealer in LA. There are far more options.

      1. By the way, I think the size of the hood (actually the cubic feet per minute of air movement of your fan and the size of the ducting) is determined by the BTU's of your range, not by whether you will be cooking vegetables or meat). Ranges with higher BTU's generate more heat and carbon monixide and need a more powerful fan to move the air.

        1. I have a Viking 6 burner range. Pacific Sales in Huntington Beach