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Jun 22, 2014 06:46 PM

Seaport or Theatre District Recommendations for dinner?

Staying in the Seaport District overnight and seeing a show at the Opera House July 4th weekend. Any recommendations for restaurants in either of the areas? My favorite "theatre district" restaurant, Erbaluce, is booked. Open to any cuisine, but it's a date night so hoping for nice atmosphere where we can actually talk. Thanks!!

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  1. so many new places in the seaport but many are loud from what i've read. Row 34 is the new place by the Island Creek Oyster Bar people and it's at the top of my list when we finally get down there.
    Aquitaine and Mistral are French and casually stylish// elegant respectively. Bistro du midi, on the Public Garden, is also at the top of my list; i've been impressed by their chef lately at some other events.

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      Thanks for the recs. I made a reservation at Row 34 just in case the other day, but last time we were in Boston we ate at ICOB in the Fenway, and not sure if it's going to be the same vibe / food.

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        I have not eaten at Row 34, but know somebody who did. It is not like ICOB. She said it was very loud.

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          They are very different but I like both very much.

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            Me too. While we are on the topic of both I think it is natural to compare the ICOB oyster slider to the R34 shrimp slider. The oyster slider wins hands down. I always make a point to mention it to the waitstaff at R34 who always insist (not surprisingly) that both are good. They are both good but the oyster slider is sublime.

      2. Ostra is pretty amazing - if you like seafood! The shellfish is top notch, and the seafood/fish entree preparations are really special. It is not cheap, but it *is* a delight - and a meal you won't forget.

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          is teatro back up and running? (part of the same group with the same great service) I understand they closed for a short period for 'freshening up' reno. Phantom should be a treat.

        2. First time in The Seaport District? Chowder at Yankee lobster is a must. A little hole in the wall which suits fine for lunch.

          After, walk around and inside Legals and the other restaurants at Libertywharf. I never thought any to be loud but I am not there every night.