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Jun 22, 2014 05:15 PM

Summer 2014 Yard/Estate/Tag Sale Scores

Happy Summer, Everyone:

So, I was headed somewhere this morning and the "Estate Sale" sign snagged me. In the house I find this apple peeler in pristine condition. No, I mean literally pristine, with the safety coating still on the cutter edges and no paint gone off the gear teeth. Not sure if it was the real deal or a cheap knockoff, I bit at $12.

Once home, I nervously checked Lehman's and THERE IT WAS, a real "Reading 78" Apple Peeler, ON SALE for $190. Nineteenth Century technology at its best. Here's a video of it in action peeling TEN apples a minute:

Cross another longtime want off my list. Now I'm looking for a similar-quality cherry pitter.

What have you all found so far this year, and what are you dreaming of finding?


PS Right alongside the peeler were 4 West Bend solid copper Moscow Mule mugs, 50 cents apiece. Got those too.

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  1. Just last weekend 3 Emile Henry baking dishes for $5 each! One squarish one, an oval and an oblong. These are fairly shallow ones - not the deep lasagna pan type. But they're perfect and I've already used one of them.

    1. Not too many "estate sales" in my area, but I'm so happy when yard sales start up again! Like you, when I make a great score, I go online to try to find out what an item is worth.

      I have a dinky little apple peeler/corer/slicer that SIL gave me after she quit doing Pampered Chef demos. I found an alternative use for it. Was getting ready to make a big cooler of REAL lemon-ade for a trip to the beach and thought of all that zest that I had no immediate plans for. I put the lemons on the apple thing and swung the corer/slicer parts out of the way. Ended up with a MOUNTAIN of zest ribbons & no pith! I let it get good and dry... actually crispy... and ground it to a powder... made lemon/pepper mix that wasn't mostly salt like what you can buy in supermarket.

      Found a LeCreuset square grill pan at Good Will. Blue enamel exterior in perfect condition (NO cracks or chips) & very little clean up needed on cast iron interior... $5... well over $100.

      Another time, at GW, couldn't pass up a "vintage" (faded yellow) KA stand mixer... crank up/down, bowl, whisk, paddle, & beater... in great runner order... $20. About a week after that found a spare bowl for $5.

      A few weekends ago, made a MAJOR score on Food Saver stuff! At one sale an unopened box of 4 rolls of bag material & a FOOD SAVER machine... much newer model than one I had (another yeard sale find). At another, 2-3 almost whole rolls of bag stuff and an unopened package of quart (maybe) bags. Spent whopping $10 TOTAL for both buys.

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      1. For some reason when in Florida church rummage sales seemed to include Sunbeam electric juicers from the 50's.
        They had the filtery thing jiggle as well so all juice delightfully went through leaving some pulp but not all.
        l scored three of them at different sales.

        1. At a charity shop, four little tapas dishes, never used, $1 each. Not as spectacular a saving as some here, but I was very happy. Everyone I knows loves small dishes.

          1. Score!
            A good friend is a yard sale guru , she knows way beyond most people what's worthwhile and what's not. I go with her occasionally, but I have little self-control and tend to buy stuff I like and don't think about the fact that I have no use for it or any place to put it. And I've never seen anything like your apple peeler here. Maybe some day I will.