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Jun 22, 2014 02:20 PM

Butter shopping in Bellingham

We are going to spend a couple of days in Bellingham and since we cannot get grass fed butter easily in Canada, I would love to stock up while we are there. Does anyone know which grocery stores has the following brands of butter:

Anchor – New Zealand

Allgau – Germany

Smjor – Iceland

We will be staying close to Fred Meyer, definitely be hitting Trader Joe's & Costco, will probably check out the Grocery Outlet.


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  1. Good question. I haven't seen any of those, but I don't recall looking at Terra Organica. I recall that Breckenridge Dairy used to make a nice salted butter, but it's been years since I had it (they used to come to the market). I get Kerrygold at Costco or TJs. You can definitely get grassfed raw cream in town if you want to make your own.

    I'm curious to hear what you turn up! Yay for good butter!

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    1. re: Vetter

      Thanks Vetter! I was so disappointed to find out that Kerrygold is not 100% grassfed (20% grain fed in the winter including GMO) But I find nothing else, I will probably still get some KG ...

      We will be there during the week so will probably miss the market ...

      Yay for good butter indeed :D

    2. I shop TJ and Outlet, and have never seen those brands. I may have seen canned New Zealand butter in Asian groceries around Seattle, but didn't pay attention to the brand.

      1. Try Golden Glen Creamery down in Bow (30 mins from Bham via I-5):

        Better yet, if the weather is nice and dry, drive through Fairhaven (Lakeway -> Holly -> N. State -> S. State -> 11th St) onto the Chuckanut Drive (SR-11) which brings you a wonderful and engaging drive through a very scenic portion of Bellingham Bay and Samish Bay, down into the farming flats of Skagit County.

        Along the way you'll encounter famed foodie destinations like The Oyster Creek Inn, Taylor Shellfish Farms, Rhododendron Cafe and Breadfarm.

        1. The Co-op was carrying 100% grass-fed butter a while back. It is a very limited item, so not sure it is still available.

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          1. re: laurachow

            It wasn't a super successful trip for butter shopping, I did see the seasonal pasture butter from Organic Valley at Haggen by REI but I couldn't get any as it would have to sit in the hot car for hours and I thought I would just stop by the one on Meridan on the way out but I found out that they don't carry everything the other store does....

            I did manage to buy a whole bunch of unsalted Kerrygold at TJ's and couldn't resist the price of the salted one at Costco so I got some of that too.... Wish I got to try the OV ...

            I went to the food coop, but there was no grassfed butter, just the usual ones, also checked out fred meyer, cost cutter, walmart, the fairhaven farmers market ...

            as a side note, Bayou on Bay has the best yam fries, they were tasty and stayed crispy even after they got cold. Although it didn't come with nearly enough dip, the little dipping bowl was a little over half full so I asked for more, and that came after about 10 mins and around a quarter full and when that was done, I asked for more to finish the fries but that never came so I ended up eating the fries cold because I wanted to wait for the dip.

            1. re: yatyat

              Was afraid it was probably too late for the butter we had at the Co-op. I think it was only at the Cordata store, and sold in the specialty cheese case (not in the dairy case where the rest of the butter is). Next time you are in the store, ask Service Desk staff or the specialty cheese manager. Co-op staff is always happy to help!!

              1. re: laurachow

                wish I had known :( it was the Cordata store that I went in too but I only looked at the dairy/butter section ... oh well, good to know for next time, do you know which brand it is and weather it is always available? I have got enough KG to last a while now though :)

                1. re: yatyat

                  I can't recall, and after a quick look back at email I might have been thinking about the specialty goat butter that we had in the store. But, I'll try to remember to poke around at work tomorrow.

                  1. re: yatyat

                    I actually remembered to check on this today. We only have two specialty butters in the case right now (and that is in the specialty cheese case at Cordata, not the dairy case).
                    Celles sur Belle, $6.49/about 9 ounces
                    Kerrygold $4.79/8 ounces
                    In the dairy case:
                    Organic Valley European-style pasture-raised, $3.79/8 oz
                    Straus Family Farms European-style, $7.39/16 oz
                    Breckenridge Farms $5.69/16 oz.
                    Pretty sure Organic Valley releases a grass-fed butter seasonally. Guessing it would be closer to autumn or early winter, after cows have been grazing during the pasture season. There aren't any cows, at least locally, that are entirely grass fed all year long!

                    1. re: laurachow

                      Thanks Laura! I saw that Organic Valley seasonal butter at Haggen near REI and it was only $3.49, so it's out.

                      I wonder if Celles sur Belle is grass fed (not much turned up when i googled), although cost so much more than KG and the pasture OV.